28 November, 2023


(photo: Pexels, CC0)

”The Bridge of Friendship” Blog publishes digital books, which are thematic collections of articles, published at the blog.

The first digital book, which was published in December 2017 is „The Difficult Cooperation: Romania and Bulgaria’s Foreign Policy Exchanges and Infrastructural Projects after a decade in the EU“

On 3 November 2023, the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute (BDI) presented the results of the applied research project under the auspices of the BDI on “Romania’s Foreign Policy in Geopolitical Context and Bulgaria”. The book brings together two studies on the same topic – by Dr. Aneta Mihailova, who is a specialist on Romania at the Institute of Balkan Studies with the Center for Thracology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and Vladimir Mitev, editor at the Romanian section of Radio Bulgaria, correspondent of Radio Romania for Bulgaria and creator of the Bulgarian-Romanian blog “The Bridge of Friendship”.

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