22 March, 2023
(photo: Bulgarian National Radio)

The founder of the the blog ”The Bridge of Friendship” gave an interview to the Bulgarian National Radio about the latest ministerial changes in the Romanian cabinet

The emission for international politics of the Bulgarian Natioanal Radio – ”Saturday 150”, interviewed the founder of the blog ”The  Bridge of Friendship” and editor of the Romanian section of the site ”The Barricade” Vladimir Mitev on the current political events and relations in Romania.

A week after the European Commission published its negative report on justice in Romania and ten days after the resignation of the minister of European affairs Victor Negrescu, the strong man in the ruling Social Democratic Party – Liviu Dragnea, gave his answer. The change of ministers he initiated could be an attempt to eliminate the resistance towards the long-discussed idea for government emergency decree for amnesty of the condamned in the fight against corruption. Another topic of discussion was the level of preparedness of Romania for the forthcoming presidnecy of the European Commission and the expected priority – the Danube Strategy. The interview also dealt with the topic of Liviu Dragnea’s relations with three important politicians – the justice minister Tudorel Toader, the president Klaus Iohannis and the mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea.

You can hear the whole interview here with English subtitles:

Read in Romanian language!

Read in Bulgarian language!

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