22 September, 2023
The garden at the center of Rousse is a beautiful place for walk and talk (photo: Rousse Summer Free Tour)

Every Saturday evening the tourist guides offer a walk along the most interesting and beautiful places in the city in an attempt to promote its history and heritage

Starting with 2016 Rousse has its own free tour of the center – The Rousse Summer Free Tour. It will be restarted on 6 May 2017. The organizers of the tour want to bring about the city’s promotion as a tourist destination for travellers, for guests of Rousse from other parts of the country and the world, and to unveil curious historical facts before its own citizens.

The tour starts in 18.00 every Saturday before the Statue of Liberty. It goes on for around an hour and a half, as the route passes by some of the most beautiful and important historic places and buildings in Rousse. The tourists can learn that the city has the longest pedestrian zone in the whole of Bulgaria, to learn why Rousse has been considered traditionally a carrier of European culture and “the city of the first things” (such as the first cinema or the first bank in Bulgaria). There is also a presentation of Rousse as multicultural place where various ethnic and religious communities have communicated and lived together for centuries.

The tour guides carry special plates (photo: Rousse Summer Free Tour)

The organizers of the free tour are united in the non-governmental organisaton “Kulturtur Rousse”. They consider themselves a part of a larger tendency for more civic activity in Bulgaria. The guides are young people with experience in tourism and in organization of travel. They have vast knowledge about the nature, history and social life of Rousse and Bulgaria after the Liberation (1878). The guides are also citizens of Rousse who have travelled and got familiar with Bulgaria and the world, but have chosen to create their families and to live in their city of birth.

The Danube River has been Rousse’s connection to Central and West Europe for centuries (photo: Rousse Summer Free Tour)
The Regional Library “Lyuben Karavelov” in the old part of the city (photo: Rousse Summer Free Tour)

The tour takes place in English, as its communication format allows for a talk with the guides and for answers to question that the tourists might want to ask. The initiative has its own site and an account at the platform Trip Advisor, where there is a possibility for tourist feedback. It can be discovered also in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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