4 December, 2023


The debates in Bulgaria about the tendency of ”multi-speed Europe” reveal ideas that are clearly defined

The founder of the blog ”Bridge of Friendship” – Vladimir Mitev, made a presentation on 29 May 2017 inside the Romanian parliament building about the discussions in the Bulgarian foreign policy community about “multi-speed Europe” and the necessary answer of Sofia. The presentation divided the experts in two groups – the young and the elder. The young want Bulgaria to avoid its status of a periphery and claim it should join the different integrationist circles of the EU, such as Eurozone, banking union, Schengen, and so on. The elder want a greater foreign policy activity in the regions where Bulgaria has traditional interests – the Western Balkans and the Black Sea, so that it could give added value to the EU there. The presentation also put an emphasis upon the idea for the creation of an European macroregion for the Black Sea and for development of an Euopean strategy for it, so that the tensions in the Black Sea region are replaced with a greater regional cooperation.

The ideas from the presentation are developed in a publication now, which can be downloaded here.

Read in Romanian language!

Read in Bulgarian language!

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