22 September, 2023
Lucian Ţion (photo: YouTube)

An interview with the Romanian film director Lucian Ţion

In November 2019 the Romanian film director Lucian Ţion visited Sofia in order to participate in a conference on the socialism’s heritage. He was then interviewed by Vesselin Alexiev for the YouTube channel of the club “Meaning”. In the moment of the interview Ţion was making a doctorate, dedicated to the Chinese and Eastern Europe cinema at the University of Singapore. Ţion is interested in the parallels between Southeastern Asia and Eastern Europe. The interview, which the blog “The Bridge of Friendship” publishes, builds on this topic – the transition towards capitalism in these regions and the way these regions approach their socialist past and the capitalist centres.

Here is Vesselin Alexiev’s interview with Lucian Ţion in English:

Read in Romanian language!

Read in Bulgarian language!


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