22 September, 2023
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Hristo Boev (with the microphone) and the Romanian writer Bogdan Boeru (photo: Hristo Boev, Facebook)

The event with the participation of Hristo Boev will take place on 6 March 2020 in the regional library

There will be a book launch on 6th March 2020 at 18 o’clock in the regional library “Lyuben Karavelov” in Rousse. The novels “The Innocents” by Ioana Parvulescu (2018), “770” by Bogdan Boeru (2018), “Crook Ltd.” by K.G.Balan (2019), ”Defect” by Florin Irimia (2017), ”Women” and ”The Town with the Acacia Trees” by Mihail Sebastian (2019), ”A Death that Proves Nothing” and ”Ioanna” by Anton Holban (2019) will be launched.

The Romanian books will be presented by their Bulgarian translator Hristo Boev. He has translated 18 Romanian novels into Bulgarian. He was born in 1973 in Plovdiv. He has graduated from the Plovdiv University ”Paisiy Hilendarski” with a degree in English philology. He is a doctor in comparative American and British literature at the University of Constanţa ”Ovidius”. Hristo Boev is a simultaneous and written translator, professor of literature, English, French and Romanian language, as well as Bulgarian for foreigners. He is the founder and manager of the publishing house ”Nordian”. In 2016 he was awarded by the Literary Museum ”Liviu Rebreanu” for his translation of Liviu Rebreanu’s novel “Adam and Eve”. He is interested in the art of translation, geocriticism, literary urbanism and comparative literature.

That is how Hristo Boev presents the books and their authors:

Ioana Parvulescu (1960, Brashov) is a writer, essayist, publicist, literary critic, translator from and into French and German, professor of literature at the University of Bucharest. The author is known to the Bulgarian reader for novels, which have stirred a great interest in Europe through their translation into more than 12 language. “The innocents” (Publishing house “Ergo”, Sofia) studies the city (Brashov) through a specific time travelling – by means of the recreated childhood of the characters. In a series of thematically-linked stories we see different events and adventures of the storyteller Ana – a small girl in the communist times. The book is focused on the life of a family, Ana’s, in a world, filled with emotional episodes at the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s of the last century.

Bogdan Boeru (1975, Constanta) writes poetry and novellas. His second novel “770” came out in 2015. Bogdan Boeru is a hard rock, heavy metal and black metal musician and vocalist, who is part of the bands “Interitus Dei” and “Mystery”. He has had more than 100 concerts in the country and abroad with them, as part of the group that has been an opening act for the concerts of Helloween in Germany. In “770” (Publishing House “Nordian”, Balchik) Bogdan Boeru recreates the last years of the life of Ovidius into a contemporary historical novel, which gives possible answers to the enigma surrounding the death of the great poet who was exiled into Tomis – today’s Constanta, Romania. The reader follows with great interest Ovidiu’s and his killer’s adventures, which are recreated with great plausibility, liveliness and dynamism.

K.G. Balan (1972, Bucharest) is a licensed engineer with a degree from the University of Architecture in Bucharest. He also has an M.A. degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Ottawa, Canada (2004). Balan has published satirical articles in various newspapers of the Romanian diaspora in Canada – a country, where he emigrated immediately after university graduation. “Crook Ltd.” (Publishing House “Izida”, Sofia) is his first novel, which was published in 2013 by the publishing house “Humanitas”, after he won the award of “UniCredit Tiriac Bank”, Romania for the best novel of the year. Just like other contemporary Romanian novels, K.G.Balan’s novel deals with childhood and the following emigration into Western Europe and later into Canada of a Romanian, who was born in the 70s of the last century.

Florin Irimia (1976, Iash) is a lector doctor in the Faculty of Literature at the Univerity “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” in Iash. His literary debut as a writer is in 2009 in the magazine “New Literature” (under the pseudonym of Eduard Tautu). In 2011 his novel “Defect” was published by the publishing house “Brumar”. It was nominated for participation in “The Festival for Debut Novels” in Chambery, France, 2013. The novel makes a dissection of the contemporary society, putting the emphasis on education. Other important aspects in the book are related to immigration – in Italy, Germany and Canada. The novel has provoked great interest in Romania and received a lot of positive reviews from leading writers and critics.

Mihail Sebastian (1907, Braila – 1945, Bucharest) was a writer, playwright and literary critic. The author studied philosophy and law in Bucharest. He is known to the Bulgarian reader through his novel about Balchik, Brashov and Bucharest “The Accident”. The collection of novellas “Women” (Publishing House “Perseus”, Sofia) is a book, which can also be considered a novel and aims to uncover the feminine self through urban stories, situated mostly in Paris and Bucharest. “The Town with the Acacia Trees” (Publishing House “Perseus”, Sofia) is an atmospheric novel by Mihail Sebastian from the epoch between the wars. The books builds on “Women”, and presents the development of children, who pass from their childhood into adolescence and maturity in a number of interconnected mini-novellas, where the main characters are Adriana and Gelu. We also learn about a number of other fascinating characters aged between 15 and 20 years, everyone having their own characteristic traits.

Anton Holban (1902, Bucharest – 1937) was a writer, essayist and literary critic. He enrolled the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Bucharest in the specialty of “French Language and Literature”. He started writing a doctorate in literature in France, which he continued in Romania, but did not manage to complete. “A Death that Proves Nothing” (Publishing House Izida, Sofia) by Anton Holban presents the story teller Sandu in the first person, with the activity taking place in two countries – France and Romania. What matters in this novel (just like in the other novel ”Ioanna” is the separation between two lovers and its consequences. ”Ioanna” (Publishing House ”Izida”, Sofia”) is a novel about Cavarna in the interbellum times and everything which the sea can give us. In the style of Marcel Proust, the author Anton Holban makes a psychological dissection of infidelity and its consequences. ”Ioanna” and ”A Death that Proves Nothing” share the same narrator. 

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