5 December, 2023
Rousse’s air is being polluted by the indusrial zone in the Eastern part of the town (photo: Pixabay, CC0)

The ecological activist Rostislav Kandilarov urged the political and civic organisations, which are supportive of the demonstrations in the Danubean city, to support a similar Bulgarian law

Vladimir Mitev

The Bulgarian political and civic organisations have to follow the example of the Romanian law on smells and to put forward in the parliament a law, which would allow the citizens to attack in court smells, without any need for the Regional Inspection on Environment and Waters to have established that there is pollution. That was the opinion, which the ecological activist Rostislav Kandilarov expressed on the large ecological protest, which took place on 24 September 2020 in the centre of Rousse.

The air of the Danubean city has been polluted for years, without being established so far who is polluting it and without any stop to emissions. Many citizens of Rousse feel unpleasant smells in the nights. Others claim that such problem doesn’t exist. According to the protesters there are problems with the air in Rousse for at least 7-8 years.

At the protest on 24 September 2020 Rostislav Kandilarov pointed out that the legislative modifications on the so-called “olfactory discomfort”, which entered in force in Romania this year, could serve as inspiration in Bulgaria. In Kandilarov’s view the Bulgarian state instituions haven’t resolved the issue of air pollution in Rousse for 7 years and they might have a succes in the next 7 years too.

In the mean time the mayor of Rousse Pencho Milkov has been gathering on a number of occasions a council of all the institutions that have interest in the clean air of the city, without any particular development in that regard.

A fragment of Rostislav Kandilarov’s position can be seen here:

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