22 September, 2023
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Report for the emission “Izotopia” of the Bulgarian National Radio about Blecher’s book, which was translated in Bulgarian by Lora Nenkovska

Vladimir Mitev

Bulgaria is one of the European countries, where Romanian writers are poet have been translated en masse. The emission “Izotopia” of the Bulgarian National Radio presented the story about another interesting Romainan author, translated into Bulgarian. This is Max Blecher – a surrealist writer, who is compared to Proust or Kafka. The translator Lora Nenkovska says that Blecher was popular among the Romanian writers and poets from the beginning of the XXI century. Catalina Puiu – professor of Bulgarian language and literature in the Bucharest University, adds more about Blecher’s contribution to Romanian literature. The blogger Tvetelina Mareva shared her impressions as one of the first Bulgarian readers of Blecher. The publisher Manol Peykov added another detail to the story – the illustrations are made by Teodor Ushev, who is a big admirer of Blecher.

This is the report:

Read in Romanian language!

Read in Bulgarian language!

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