8 June, 2023
A press release of the Association Bulgarian Spring
Lazar’s Day in Izvoarele (source: https://www.facebook.com/FemeiaDeMaine)

Before Palm Sunday, on Lazarov’s day, in the village of Izvoarele, where there is a community of Bulgarians, an old tradition inherited from the great-grandparents is celebrated, namely “Lazarița”.

In the morning, little girls make wreaths of natural flowers, decorate their baskets, dress up in festive clothes and go around the houses to celebrate the coming of spring. The little girls are accompanied by their mothers and grandmothers and the older girls move in groups of 5-6 girls.

The celebration has religious significance, spreading the news of the miracle performed by Jesus, the resurrection of Lazarus. Lazarița also signifies the awakening of nature and the coming of spring, which is why the wreaths and baskets of the “Lazarites” are decorated with many flowers. The purpose of the lazaruvane practice is to cheer up the hosts and send them only good wishes and good health.

The girls receive eggs, cake and whatever else the hostess can offer them (apples, walnuts, pie). 

At the end of the lazaruvane practice, the girls throw their wreaths into running water as a symbol of health and fertility. Tradition has it that the girl whose wreath is taken out of the water first will be the first to marry, and the girls have fun on this occasion.  

The Lazarites finish counting the eggs they have received and enjoy all the goodies in the basket, looking forward to the next “Lazarița” .

Photo: Lazar’s Day in Izvoarele (source: https://www.facebook.com/FemeiaDeMaine)

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