22 March, 2023
A Romanian-Bulgarian bilingual book was launched in Chirnogi in the presence of several Romanian and Bulgarian common people and dignitaries
The events in Chirnogi are closely related to the Orthodox Church (source: Ionel-Aurelian Cotoban)

A Romanian-Bulgarian bilingual book was launched in Chirnogi in the presence of several Romanian and Bulgarian common people and dignitaries

Ionel-Aurelian Cotoban

In Chirnogi, Călărași county – a Danube locality, twinned with Tutrakan municipality in Bulgaria, was launched on Thursday, 26.01.2023, the book “Chirnogi-Tutrakan: Bridge over the Danube”, author Relu Cotoban.

The book presents the two localities with history (architecture, statues and monuments, heritage buildings), present (official institutions, museums, schools, houses of culture), joint activities carried out within the framework of the twinning between CHIRNOGI and TUTRAKAN, visits of personalities, various information and cultural or historical landmarks (the first credit cooperative in Romania was founded in Chirnogi!). The book is about people, the present and the future. At the end of the book “Chirnogi-Tutrakan: bridge over the Danube” a mixed family is presented, made up of a Roman from Chirnogi and a young woman from Bulgaria, who now work abroad and have a child baptised in the church of St Nicholas Chirnogi. There were very moving speeches about the book and the author from many speakers, starting with the county vice-president and the two mayors.

Thus, the book is intended to be a chronicle of the cross-border activity between the two communities located geographically opposite each other on both banks of the Danube for 12 years. The book is printed as an art album with many colour photographs on high quality paper in superior graphic conditions. The book was launched in Chirnogi in the presence of a large audience of about 140 people from Chirnogi but also guests from Bucharest, Calarasi, Giurgiu. The book launch was honoured by guests from Bulgaria from Tutrakan (three delegations: one from the Tutrakan City Hall led by the Mayor Dr. Dimitar Stefanov and the Deputy Mayor Darina Ivanova, another delegation from the Tutrakan History Museum led by the Director Petar Boichev, and a third delegation from the village Shumentsi led by Prof. Kalina Mihailova). Present from Silistra was the vicar of the Mitropolia of Durustorum, Father Protopresbyter Dobre. On the Romanian side, a delegation of retired military personnel, university professor Dr. Repez Filofteia, Col. Dr. Tiberiu Tănase and several people from Bucharest honoured the event with their presence. Present with the host priests (Adrian Postolea, Dănuț Ioniță), the Most Reverend Father Protopope Dr. Marian Necula, Father Secretary Daniel Ciobanu, (priest Mihail Mihailov from Bulgaria), priest Moșu Sandu, priest Alin Radu, priest Florin Matei, priest Fanel Burulean (one of those who supported this activity of cross-border friendship) and the Most Reverend priest Daniel Matei from the diocese of Giurgiu. The Romanian and Bulgarian priests did a Te deum (thanksgiving) service. On behalf of the county administration, the vice-president of the Călărași county council, Mihăiță Beștea, honoured with his presence.

The hosts were Mayor Ion Stefan and Deputy Mayor Adrian State, along with local councillors (Irinel Roman, Dragomir Ilie, Viorel Zamfir, Ion Andrei, Anghel Capdemai, Costel Cotoban, Mărgărit Gheorghe). There were representatives of the Romanian Post Office (Călărași branch), of the Pensioners’ Mutual Aid House – Oltenița, the principals of the two schools in Chirnogi (Prof. Monica Vasile and Prof. Stelică Pană) together with some teachers. The commander of the Oltenița Gendarmerie, Mr. Ioan Coman, son of Chirnogi, was also present and was presented in the pages of the book as a participant of one of the cross-border honours held in Chirnogi. The commander of the Chirnogi border police sector Mr Nica was present along with other distinguished guests, engineers, teachers, people from all walks of life (editor Barbara Bacauanu, writer Aurora Georgescu). At the cultural event for the launch of the book “Chirnogi-Tutrakan: bridge over the Danube” were present Mrs. Diana Coarna (Istrati) from Radio Moldova and Mr. Dumitru Dragon from Radio-tv Oltenița who promoted all the joint Romanian-Bulgarian actions included in the book.

Thanks are due to all those present, all those involved in the activities presented in the book. We also thank the translators of the bilingual Romanian-Bulgarian book, priest Kiril Sinev (the part about Chirnogi) and librarian Stefka Kapinceva (the part about Tutrakan). The book has a summary in French (Prof. Carmen Niculae), Russian (Eng. Bezer Veaceslav), English (Eng. Ionuț Alexandru Carciog) and Japanese (Prof. Daniela Vișan). In conclusion the book is a must read – this book is a journey, an invitation to discover two wonderful places Chirnogi in Romania and Tutrakan in Bulgaria.

Photo: The cover of the book “Chirnogi-Tutrakan: bridge over the Danube” (source: Ionel-Aurelian Cotoban)

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