31 May, 2023
The opening page of the presentation (photo: Vladimir Mitev)

Vladimir Mitev showed at a conference inside the Romanian parliament a presentation about Sofia’s searches for a road ahead in the Europe of the speeds

The changes in the EU, called with the formula “Europe of the speeds” lead to debates in Bulgaria and in Romania. On 29 May 2017 the Romanian parliament hosted the conference “Quo vadis, European public space? The EU reform and its implications with regard to security and public communication”, which was organized by the Cristian University “Dimitrie Cantemir, by the Institute for Political Sciences and International Relations at the Romanian Academy and the Commision for Defense, Public Order and National Security at the lower chamber of the Romanian parliament. Researches from both scientific institutions participated and analyzed problems such as Brexit, populism in the EU, the informational war, the rusophobic discourse and other issues such demography and fiscal policy.

Vladimir Mitev was the only foreign participant. He showed a presentation about the Bulgarian searches for an answer to what takes place in the EU. His presentation was based on three interviews which he made in April and May with experts on foreign policy from Bulgaria: Lyubomir Kyuchukov, Dimitar Bechev and Georgi Pirinski. The presentation focused on the searches for closer cooperation between the countries of the Black Sea region and on the foreign policy relations between Romania and Bulgaria.

Read in Romanian language!

Read in Bulgarian language!

1 thought on “Which is the Bulgarian answer to the changes in the EU?

  1. Hi, Vladimir!Congrats for having the courage to enter “the lion’s den” – as the only foreign rep!! Pity I didn’t know about it! But this sort of sharing of intellectual profiles is precisely what we need. I have long bemoaned the absence of such analysis in Europe……And I have noticed that Bulgarians seem very ready to honour their countrymen eg Rumen Manov (who did the amazing “Fairy Tale of Bulgaria”) is an example with a couple of volumes about deserving cultural figures. And one of my gallery friends recently showed me a book which had been produced celebrating the circle of families in his village….. When I visit a country, I want to know what debates it’s having; what its educated people are reading (I did a little booklet about Germany in 2013 based on a forced medical stay in Koln of 3 months – but. of course, that was with the advantage of being able to speak and read German)…. Yrs

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