31 May, 2023

Video interview, which extends a call to donations towards the cross-border media

Vladimir Mitev

The site ”The Barricade”, where I have been collaborating as a volunteer for almost a year, is one of the few cross-border media in Southeastern Europe. Its authors and team are placed in at least three countries – Bulgaria, Romania and Poland. In my view this site contributes to the pluralism of opinions in Bulgaria and Romania. It has excellent articles on international relations. It is critical and possesses social sensitivity. These facts, put altogether, make it unique. 

”The Barricade” is in a financial crisis and at this moment it makes a campaign for online donations, which could allow it to survive. The colleagues ask their readers to fund the project with small, but regular, monthly donations, which could happen through platforms such as PayPal. Because of its uncompromising editorial policy ”The Barricade” can not rely on party or oligarchic support. At the same time the site is created as an attempt to counter the negative tendencies in journalism in Bulgaria and in the region. That is why its journalists turn up to the readers for support. 

On 22 May 2020, Friday, I answered a few questions by Baricada’s Romanian author Maria Cernat, willing to make the visual presence of the platform more notable. Maria asked me how I have become a part of this media, what causes me to do so much work for “The Barricade” as a volunteer – without receiving a salary or remunerations, what are the strong points of this media and why the people should support it. 

In my view this platform is characterised by great freedom for its authors. It accomplishes successfully cross-border cooperation within the bounds of its team. It also represents something new in the Bulgarian-Romanian space. If you want to verify my claims, you can read the English section of “The Barricade” at this link. You can see how you can financially support this media here. The video interview I gave to Maria Cernat could be seen here with subtitles in English:

Photo: Vladimir Mitev gives an interview to Maria Cernat on The Barricade (photo: YouTube)

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